What does a Counsellor/Therapist actually do?

At CHATT Inc., we listen. Our counsellors provide support, guidance, and problem-solving. Of utmost importance to your success, we build on the relationship we share with you and develop your trust. We provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can freely speak your mind.

Sometimes we ask you to work through an exercise, look at hand-outs, read a chapter from a book, draw a picture or keep a journal. However, our experience tells us that most people feel more comfortable with just talking. We teach you how to look at your emotional issues with compassion and sensitivity, to learn from them, and let go of them. We teach you how to not only observe your strengths, but to nurture them, leading to an experience of new found joy and realism. We teach skills such as new ways of thinking, new ways of reacting, and how to cope.

We help parents, couples and families to accept one another more fully, while also accepting that you are accountable to yourself as well as the other people in your life. We can teach you the skills in order to develop better communication and compassion for more peaceful and reciprocal relationships.

Simply put, we help people lead fuller and richer lives.

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