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CHATT Inc. FAQsBelow, you’ll find a list of the most common questions that new clients have about counselling. Click on the question to view the answer and if you have a question that isn’t listed here, please contact us.

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At CHATT Inc., we listen. Our counsellors provide support, guidance, and problem-solving. Of utmost importance to your success, we build on the relationship we share with you and develop your trust. We provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can freely speak your mind.

Sometimes we ask you to work through an exercise, look at hand-outs, read a chapter from a book, draw a picture or keep a journal. However, our experience tells us that most people feel more comfortable with just talking. We teach you how to look at your emotional issues with compassion and sensitivity, to learn from them, and let go of them. We teach you how to not only observe your strengths, but to nurture them, leading to an experience of new found joy and realism. We teach skills such as new ways of thinking, new ways of reacting, and how to cope.

We help parents, couples and families to accept one another more fully, while also accepting that you are accountable to yourself as well as the other people in your life. We can teach you the skills in order to develop better communication and compassion for more peaceful and reciprocal relationships.

Simply put, we help people lead fuller and richer lives.

Once you decide to seek counselling with CHATT Inc., you will be matched with the counsellor who best suits your needs. When you call in or drop by, our front desk staff will ask you a few simple questions about the reasons why you are seeking counselling. Our office staff is familiar with all of our counsellors’ areas of strength and competence and you will then be matched with a suitable counsellor and offered the earliest appointment. You may also request a therapist of your choice or change therapists at any time.

The terms “Counsellor” or “Therapist” usually refer to a person who has a Master’s degree or higher and is registered with a provincial or national Counselling Association. Counsellors/therapists are able to collect the information needed to make recommendations for psychological diagnoses and medications; however they require a psychologist or medical doctor to confirm a diagnosis or prescribe medications. The counselling therapists at CHATT Inc. work with our supervising psychologists to ensure the highest standard of care and our counsellors are accountable to both their supervising psychologists and to either the College of Psychologists or the College of Social Workers.

A Psychologist holds a Doctorate degree in psychology and is registered with, and accountable to, a provincial College of Psychologists. A psychologist often performs all the functions of a Counsellor/Therapist but can also perform the protected act of communicating a diagnosis. Psychologists are not only involved in counselling but are often also very involved in research, assessments, publishing scholarly articles, teaching and supervising others in their field.

A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor (OHIP based) who specializes in treating illnesses of the mind. Most psychiatrists work in hospital settings and often prescribe medications, whereas a psychologist or counsellor/therapist cannot prescribe medications. Psychiatrists are often, but not always, less involved with counselling therapy and more involved in assessments, report writing, diagnosing, prescribing, and sometimes research, publishing scholarly articles, teaching and supervising others.

A Life Coach may or may not have a certificate or diploma in Life Coaching. Life Coaches have varying credentials and varying levels of skill. They do not require any specialized training when they are non-certified. Therapists all perform the duties of a Life Coach, but also offer more comprehensive care for the whole person, including symptom and relationship management.

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